About Us

The first Lube Plus shop opened in Windsor Ontario in 2013, and it soon became apparent that this oil change shop was different. The employees treated every customer like family and we soon developed a reputation for impeccable service – fast, friendly, informative and professional.

Lube Plus is also known for its expertise in the industry. Lube Plus technicians are trained to complete the preventative maintenance services that will maximize your vehicle’s performance, extend the life and protect its resale value. Our technicians can explain every product and service they perform. That’s because we believe the best customer is an informed customer!

Does this sound like where you get your oil change today? If not, stop in and see for yourself why our customers say Lube Plus provides the best oil change service anywhere.

With 6 locations in Windsor, Amhestburg, Chattam and Emeryville Ontario and more locations opening every month, Lube Plus is one of the fastest growing oil change franchises in Ontario.

What People say about us

They pumped up my tires at no charge. I went back for an oil change. They are very professional and polite. Great Service!!!! I will definitely return.


Great service and a clean and tidy environment 🙂

Jen Robinson

Fast, friendly and honest. Clean shop, they make recommendations for necessary repairsor services to ensure your vehicle is running as perfectly as possible not just to pad their bill. I very rarely trust auto shops and always get two or three opinions and quotes...these guys are always bang on with their recommendations and use high quality products without charging top shelf prices. They rely on word of mouth and volume to keep them in business and with their service and fast working staff this is possible. Take your car there you will not be sorry. And if you are in need of a repair they are not equipped for, they will refer you to an equally wonderful shop that is affordable. These guys are GREAT!!!!!!!

Sara Habib

We went to get an oil change on July 23rd, 2016, the staff was very polite and professional. They realized that my dipstick was marked wrong. The safe zone was on the wrong side of the bump. This was our first oil change with a brand new 2016 Grand Caravan. We went to the dealership and pointed out that the dipstick was defective. Thanks to the staff and their expertise we will not be filling our oil too high and ruining our new car. Thank you so much!!

Paulette & James Fortier

Fast and professional service, very helpful and knowledgeable. I was happy to find out that they carry specialty oils recommended by BMW for my car. Will definitely return.